14 days in Bangkok (Part 1)

My first 14 days of my journey was spent in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Some of you might be expecting an itinerary post but sorry to disappoint you, it is not. I did not go to those must-sees places nor party hard and get drunk every night. Everyone has their own way of travel and here is mine. I had few mistakes during this trip, I learned from it and sharing it here with you. You could laugh at my stupidity for making these mistakes too. I will not cover everything since I am posting on Instagram daily, do follow me for daily post 🙂

On 17th April, I arrived at Don Muang Airport, collected my bags and exited the arrival hall. Once I stepped out, I made the first mistake that cost me a lot of money. I paid 850 baht for a “Camry” taxi because I did not know about metered taxi or bus. Okay, I was dumb lol. Not only that, I bought a SIM card with 7 days package (299 baht) from the airport too, please don’t buy it from the airport because it is way cheaper to just get the SIM card and top up from 7-elevan if you are intending to stay for long.

Once I’ve reached the hotel around 4.30pm (volunteer host), the staff mistook me as a guest because I took this real expensive taxi. I told them that I am a volunteer and they went through the details with me, arranged my shift and shown me to the dorm. First shift at the reception starts on the next day after arrival. I walked around the area and realized that this is not a tourist area and in fact, it’s far from backpackers area such as Khao San Road. I don’t hate it, in fact I prefer this area. I walked around aimlessly around the area and found this old railway station.

apparently, trains still operate on this railway…
street vendors along the railway
cat owned by one of the vendor’s owner

Most locals here don’t understand English and I don’t speak Thai. Ordering food could be a struggle but it worked out by simple verbs and body language.

One of my fav place for lunch nearby my hostel. 30 baht per plate of rice with 2 dishes. 20 baht for soup.

2nd day in Bangkok, I was taught on reception tasks with guest check-in/checkout and handling reservations. My shifts were mainly from 9am – 2pm at the reception and after the shift, I get to do whatever I wanted to. I get meal allowance during working day, which is 80 baht/day. I set my daily budget at 100 baht but of course, half of the time, I was exceeding my budget. I saved money on accommodation and breakfast as the hostel provides them.

Wat Arun is around 45 minutes walk from my hostel. Initially, I would like to take a bus but I couldn’t find the bus stop, so I decided to walk. I took a detour to Princess Mother Memorial Park, I was led to few neighborhoods along the route and it was interesting.

Blazing hot afternoon and I was crazy enough to walk under it.
One of the neighborhood that I’ve passed by.
Keep walking, it says.
Princess Memorial Park, a detour and rest stop before continuing my walk to Wat Arun
Locals fishing at the canals at one of the neighborhood
Passed by a (poor) neighborhood where locals lived under the bridges. There’s playgrounds and soccer ground here too. Picture – an elderly man with a child.
Wat Arun
It’s called Temple of Dawn for a reason, I guess.
One of the statues in Wat Arun

I stayed at Wat Arun for 2 hours perhaps, just chilling and checking the place out. I did not pay 50 baht to enter the main temple tho. After that, I followed the similar route back to the hostel, passing by the slum are (under bridge) and along Chaophraya River.

Evening at Chaophraya Riverside
A local Thai seen fishing at the river

On this day itself, I’ve walked for 2 hours. Back and fro from hostel to Wat Arun. It’s not as much of walking compared to my Japan trip in last July.

So yeah, that’s it for an introduction post. I’ll do part 2 (and maybe 3) soon. Keep reading!

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