14 days in Bangkok (Part 2)

Sorry for the late post on part 2! Please read part 1 here. 

I met a Chilean guy, Daniel that brought me to Chinatown and he taught me how to take bus and boat in Bangkok. It was a good experience. If you are intending to take a bus in Bangkok, it cost 9-13 baht. Keep in mind that you might be stuck in bad traffic during peak hours.

First time experiencing a free shuttle bus in Bangkok, from Flower Market to Wongwaiyian area.

I met a local Thai and few foreigners that work and residing in Bangkok during my stay for food.

I will post a disastrous and yet delicious meet-up with a traveller under Storytime soon. 

It’s not easy to find someone that would love to go to any themed cafe with you when you’re traveling alone, in this case, I was lucky. I found a sweet girl that loves unicorn and pastel inspired/themed stuff to visit Unicorn Cafe with me! If you are intending to visit this cafe, take a BTS and stop at Chong Nonsi station. It’s just 5-7 minutes walk away. Prices ranging from 65-200 baht for each item from menu.

Thai milk tea, rainbow cupcake & mille crepe

I am not so into girly stuff like this, especially when it comes to taking bunch of photos (I am awkward lol).
Once in awhile, you just gotta do, girly stuff. I met a friend and had an amazing time.

The fun part of this cafe, wear onesies and take photos! It’s FREE!
Thank you, Emilie!

My first volunteer experience was amazing! I met so many generous, kind and funny people in the hotel.  The girls brought me to a temple that has a great view of Bangkok. It’s peaceful and windy at this place.

Sunset from the temple
Feeding fishes but ended up with feeding pigeons

Then they brought me to Asiantique (Eye of Bangkok). You could shop and eat here. We took bunch of silly photos here but I’m not gonna show you guys here 😛

Eye of Bangkok
Staying classy while cooking

They took me out for dinner at a local hawker stall that serves amazing chicken rice. Headed to Chinatown next, just for dessert to end the evening out.

On 29th April, a day before my birthday. One of the staff, Mos asked if I could help him to fix some broken glass by covering it with plastic temporarily.

When we were coming down from rooftop, Jame shouted at us so we could come downstairs at the reception lobby quickly. The lights were turned off, I thought it was a blackout until they started singing and brought cake towards me! Then, I knew the rooftop agenda was just a distraction.

My family in Bangkok ❤️ #throwback

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The surprise doesn’t end and the superiors brought me out for a feast of Thai food!

Day 13: Today, I just couldn't asked for more. Sometimes I wondered why I don't get any birthday surprises. One of the staff distracted me away while the rest prepared the surprise for me. When I came down from rooftop, the lights were off and I thought there's a blackout or something. Then they brought out a cake and sang to me. Brought me to a lovely place for dinner with steamed fish, grilled fish, prawns, clams, veges and soup. I don't really like Khao San Road but I went for the first time with the rest tonight as exceptional. Went to rooftop bar with awesome bands performing live music and sang me birthday song again at midnight. I never expect any of these at all. I am so grateful for everything and everyone here that made me feel loved and part of the family. Best first workaway experience and birthday ever. I love all of you. Khob khun ka ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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I was doubting myself if I would love Bangkok before I go, mainly because it is a city and crowded with tourists. My main travel experience would be spending time with the locals to learn about their culture. So, visiting popular tourist attractions are not my goals.

Luckily, the hotel is located miles away from tourist areas and there was no tourist in the area. I loved it. People do not speak much English here but if you walk into a diner or any food vendors, they know you are hungry. Meals could be as cheap as 30-50baht per meal. It’s not fancy but that’s what the locals are eating on daily basis.

In 2 weeks time, I’ve learnt how to handle reception tasks and basic bartending. Never in my life, I would see myself making cocktails behind the bar counter. It was a fun!

I did not expect anyone to celebrate my birthday with me but these lovely souls caught me off guards. Thailand has given me 2 wonderful birthdays in 2 years row. Last year, it was in Hat Yai and Songkla.

Thank you, everyone, for making my stay memorable! Hopefully, we will meet again!


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