5 Simple Reasons Why Your Employee Is Quitting And Losing Their Passion.

Most people quit because of bad bosses. A bad boss will not only kill your passion in whatever that you are doing but he or she may also start to make you feel miserable. I hwanted to write this post and I’ve written it yesterday in LinkedIn and reposting it on my blog.

1. Being a control freak about timing

Your staff is ought to be punctual and yes, you could give them a counseling session if they are late, however with valid reasons. I had experienced being late for 1 minute and my manager texted me with a bunch of questions, questioning me about it. It is also not your staff’s fault if something happened during their journey to work, for example, subway breakdown or accident that causes a heavy traffic congestion.

2. Micromanaging your staff

Monitor and supervise your staff but not micromanaging and controlling every single task that they are required to do. No one likes to be treated this way, everyone requires their space and a little bit of freedom at work.

If you are doing 1 & 2, ask yourself – why are you being such a control freak and obsessed with having a 101% control on someone?

3. Abusing your power 

Do not forget that everyone is working for the benefit of the company and you yourself is working as an employee as well. Your staff is not hired to help you brew coffee or tea or to do some menial chores of yours.

4. Faking your sincerity 

Simple – sincerity has to come from your true heart, without any ulterior motive. I have met people who would gift or buy things for others when he/she wanted someone to do something for them or to cover up something that they did.

5. Putting someone down

Be supportive and inspire your employees, make them feel respected and appreciated. Choices of the word are crucial. Let me give you a situation, one of your staff’s performance has gradually deteriorated. Instead of saying “are you sure this is the right job for you?” or giving them a straight up counselling or warning session, try asking them “how are you doing, is everything okay?”. Take your time to listen to your employee and understand their situation. I am sure that you had your bad moments before too.


Comment below and share with me on your experiences with your bosses.

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