Hello! My name is Donna, recently resigned from my 9-6 job as a Human Resource Executive for long-term travel purpose. I will be traveling across Asia countries in 2017 and this is why I created this blog. I want to share my travel experiences with all of you. I love fried chicken, islands and animals. I enjoy art and photography. I am eager to meet new people or the locals to learn about the way of living, culture and food.

A lil bit about my background…

I came from a small town in Sabah, East Malaysia, I came off as a shy, timid and tomboyish girl.  Like most people, after my high school graduated, I enrolled myself in a creative/art course for a Bachelor Degree and moved away from home since 18 years old. Then, I landed myself in the corporate world. At the beginning, it was interesting until I felt like I had lost my freedom. One day, someone indirectly gave me a push for me to decide on traveling.

For the past years, life has taught me a lot of things and slowly, I am coming out from my shell. I started to travel alone since Dec 2015 and I love it!

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