Banana* & Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Chips Cookies [Gluten-free]

Hello lovelies,

My blog has been pretty dead in these past months, I could not renew my Adobe account due to my credit card issue. Boo, I cant edit my photos and share with you guys.

I had cut down on gluten intake in my diet recently. I was feeling very sick at dawn, almost everyday. My digestive system was not quite used to the diet in Spain. My rice intake was replaced by bread. Flaxseed oil helps and it is also good for constipation.

We tried baking our own bread but most of them fail miserably. I’ve baked few batches of cookies and still experimenting. I love buckwheat flour for cookies. If I can get my hands on buckwheat flour in wherever I am, I will definitely use it rather than the typical all-purpose flour or wheat flour.

I tried to bake my own cookies with my own recipe yesterday. I just have too much homemade peanut butter lying around and unsure what to do with it. Why not just use them in cookies, right?

To be honest with you, this recipe is quite versatile. You can always change the ratio of certain ingredients to suit your taste. I never try this recipe with all-purpose flour.

These cookies are light and cakey. Continue reading “Banana* & Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Chips Cookies [Gluten-free]”

Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia

From my previous post regarding my negative experience with a host on the island, I tried asking around on the island to seek for a new host. However, most of them do not need any volunteer during the low season. Luckily for me, Joel was doing a volunteer on building work with B & Meg from The Chai Tent. They accepted me, I believed it was a nice gesture and an opportunity for me and Joel to work and stay together instead.


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Volunteering Went Wrong With Coast23-M’Pai Bay

I carried the same expectations on this particular host, Coast23-M’Pai Bay on Koh Rong Sanloem before arrival as I had amazing hosts from previous workaway experiences. On 16th June, I’ve arrived at the island from Sihanoukville. Upon arriving at the hostel, they put me to work right away. This never happened to me before as my previous hosts often allowed me to start off the next day of arrival so that I could rest and settle down from the commute hassle. On the arrival day, I met the manager, Ayat. She, too is a volunteer, for 3-4 months to-date.

I asked her if I have any off days, she said no. I have to work 1 shift per day, either 8am-2pm or 2pm- bar close. The work consists of reception, taking breakfast orders and preparing breakfast orders, cleaning the hostel, housekeeping tasks, laundry by hands for the bedsheets, towels and blankets, and lastly, bar tasks.

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Teaching English in Uttaradit, Thailand


First day of school after school break!

Not fond of kids and no experience to work with kids nor teaching but somehow, I ended up teaching English to kids in a private school based in Uttaradit for 2 weeks 1 month! Initially, I was intending to volunteer for just 2 weeks duration. School resumed on the 2nd week of my stay and I love the friendly rural small town, hence I extended my visa for another month of stay. Uttaradit is located at North Thailand and there’s no public transportation to get around the town. There are no tourists. It’s a pure authentic Thai experience. Continue reading “Teaching English in Uttaradit, Thailand”

14 days in Bangkok (Part 2)

Sorry for the late post on part 2! Please read part 1 here. 

I met a Chilean guy, Daniel that brought me to Chinatown and he taught me how to take bus and boat in Bangkok. It was a good experience. If you are intending to take a bus in Bangkok, it cost 9-13 baht. Keep in mind that you might be stuck in bad traffic during peak hours.

First time experiencing a free shuttle bus in Bangkok, from Flower Market to Wongwaiyian area.

I met a local Thai and few foreigners that work and residing in Bangkok during my stay for food.

I will post a disastrous and yet delicious meet-up with a traveller under Storytime soon.  Continue reading “14 days in Bangkok (Part 2)”

14 days in Bangkok (Part 1)

My first 14 days of my journey was spent in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Some of you might be expecting an itinerary post but sorry to disappoint you, it is not. I did not go to those must-sees places nor party hard and get drunk every night. Everyone has their own way of travel and here is mine. I had few mistakes during this trip, I learned from it and sharing it here with you. You could laugh at my stupidity for making these mistakes too. I will not cover everything since I am posting on Instagram daily, do follow me for daily post 🙂

On 17th April, I arrived at Don Muang Airport, collected my bags and exited the arrival hall. Once I stepped out, I made the first mistake that cost me a lot of money. I paid 850 baht for a “Camry” taxi because I did not know about metered taxi or bus. Okay, I was dumb lol. Not only that, I bought a SIM card with 7 days package (299 baht) from the airport too, please don’t buy it from the airport because it is way cheaper to just get the SIM card and top up from 7-elevan if you are intending to stay for long.

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Pre-Travel Struggles

It’s been a week since I’ve left Malaysia to begin my travel in Asia. Things have been great so far and I still hardly believe that I made this life-changing decision.

Last October, I’ve decided to quit my corporate job to travel and served my notice till December. I lived in Kuala Lumpur for 8-9 years since I started studying in University. Making the decision to quit my job wasn’t that bad for me as I had gone through travel bug since I came back from Taiwan and Japan. I do not feel motivated with my job, I was partly unhappy with certain things. The thoughts of me spending my younger days to work in a confined office environment frustrated me a lot.

Since I am originally from Sabah (East Malaysia), I do not own any property in Kuala Lumpur. After 8-9 years, I’ve spent a lot of money on unnecessary items and of course, hoarding them. I have to get rid of all my stuff and finding a new tenant replacement for my room – that’s the most difficult thing for me to do.

Back to Kuala Lumpur after visiting my family at home in February, I’ve wasted a lot of time. I wanted to spend quality time with someone before we transitioned into a long distance relationship. 2 weeks before my travel, our relationship ended. In these short period, I realised that I could had gotten my stuff sorted out instead of spending the time with him.

I stored some of my belongings with a new startup storage company called Storage Bloc that charges RM18/per storage box monthly. This company is real awesome because they would deliver the storage boxes to you and you could pack your stuff within 14 days, once you are ready, they would collect the boxes from you. Most awesome part, there’s no delivery fees for me! They have been really efficient and helpful so far.

More than half of my belongings went to Budimas Charitable Foundations. In such short period, I could not deliver my stuff to them, also because I don’t drive. They agreed to collect the items, which is great for me. For those of you that would get rid of your belongings, please do not throw them, donate to them. Budimas accepts items like clothing, books and stationaries, any items suitable for the children and as for unsuitable items, they will be selling them for fundraising to provide meals for the children.

I had to rely on few reliable and trusted amazing friends to store some of my belongings and, to help me deal with the selling and donation tasks. I am really grateful to have them 🙂

This whole process made me realized that I do not actually need all these items. Waste of money and a lot of inconveniences by the end of the day. Letting go some of my belongings was not easy at all, especially when you’re a hoarder lol.

I will be posting daily travel posts under a new Instagram account and Facebook page. If you’re curious, stay tune.
Blog post will be updated once a week as well! (No promises but I’ll do my best with it)



Getting Your China Visa in Malaysia

I have no experience in getting any visa by myself. First time for everything, I did few mistakes and here, I will tell you exactly on what you should prepare and go to get your China visa.

First off, download the form from here and fill in everything. You must fill in your personal information, including your family details. If you are unsure of your exact itinerary, just fill in the location(s) that you will go.

Other documents required: flight ticket/accommodation booking confirmation (printout), 1 copy of IC and 1 copy of passport (1st page of your passport with your details and signature) and 2 pieces of passport sized photos with white background. Don’t forget to bring your original passport! 

Question: What if you don’t have any flight ticket(s) or accommodation booking? 
If you know anyone in China, you could ask them to provide a letter of invitation which requires them to get a stamp from China’s police station for verification. For my case, I just booked an accommodation under hostelworld, you could do the same but make sure it is free cancellation.

After you prepared all these documents, go to this following location as early as you could. Queuing numbers will only be given out until 3PM only. You can take LRT to Ampang Park and walk over, it’s around 10 mins or less.

Address: Level 5, Hampshire Place Office, Jalan Mayang Sari, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business hours: Monday-Friday. Closed on Saturdays,Sundays and Public Holidays.
Submission of applications: 9:00 to 15:00.

You have to queue for the number, the staff will review your documents before giving you the number. They will not give it out to you IF you do not complete all the documents. You may print anything leftout at the center but it costs RM2 per page. As for passport size photo, you may get it done at Ampang Park Mall once you exited from the LRT station, it will cost around RM20 for 4 pieces of photos.

After you submitted all the documents, you will be given a receipt for visa and passport collection on the 4th working day. You can opt for express visa application, check fees here

For collection, go back to the same building but to Level 6 now. Take your number and wait for your turn. Payment has to be done upon collection.


You can only apply for China Visa if you are traveling within 3 months time from application date.For Malaysians, please apply your visa in Malaysia if you could because it is difficult to get it done if you are abroad as you need to provide a lot of documents, such as employment letter, payslips, etc. For foreigners (non-China citizen), application is done at the same location and method.


For more information, you may check the website.

Storytime #1: Kindness in Kyoto

It was my second day in Japan – July 18th 2016, I traveled to Kyoto from Ibaraki prefecture to catch Gion Matsuri festival. I did not book any accommodation earlier and everywhere were fully booked. I did not worry too much about it, thinking I could just probably stay the night in McDonald’s or manga cafe – just 1 night.  Continue reading “Storytime #1: Kindness in Kyoto”

Hitchhiking in Cameron Highlands (2D1N RM154)

Tell any Malaysians that you are hitch hiking in Malaysia, they would tell you that you are crazy.
I was traveling with a female couchsurfer and both of us don’t drive. We took a bus to Cameron Highlands and once we reached there, we realized that there’s no buses. We asked the locals and they told us to use the taxi (really really rare) or just use the tour packages. Well, we are both on a budget, so we decided to try hitch hiking and it worked great!

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