Christmas in Penang

Purge of the moment, I’ve had decided to go out from the city and to another place nearby for Christmas. To do something different.

It was the right choice to go for Christmas Pot Luck & Gift Exchange party. Met lots of awesome people and it was my first time celebrating Christmas with so many people, people who I have not met. It was a great experience, nonetheless.

New Year is just started and we just have to keep on improving and moving forward. I want to have a healthier lifestyle for healthier mental health. There’s so much going on and I am just mentally exhausted. Sometimes, I am just drifting away from almost everyone and sometimes, I just want to meet new people. By meeting people, I wanted to meet people who are genuine. I am so tired of meeting people who only have sexual interests in me, it does not make me feel good – at all.

I want to have a better view of myself from various perspectives, learning how to love myself more.


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