Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia

From my previous post regarding my negative experience with a host on the island, I tried asking around on the island to seek for a new host. However, most of them do not need any volunteer during the low season. Luckily for me, Joel was doing a volunteer on building work with B & Meg from The Chai Tent. They accepted me, I believed it was a nice gesture and an opportunity for me and Joel to work and stay together instead.


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Volunteering Went Wrong With Coast23-M’Pai Bay

I carried the same expectations on this particular host, Coast23-M’Pai Bay on Koh Rong Sanloem before arrival as I had amazing hosts from previous workaway experiences. On 16th June, I’ve arrived at the island from Sihanoukville. Upon arriving at the hostel, they put me to work right away. This never happened to me before as my previous hosts often allowed me to start off the next day of arrival so that I could rest and settle down from the commute hassle. On the arrival day, I met the manager, Ayat. She, too is a volunteer, for 3-4 months to-date.

I asked her if I have any off days, she said no. I have to work 1 shift per day, either 8am-2pm or 2pm- bar close. The work consists of reception, taking breakfast orders and preparing breakfast orders, cleaning the hostel, housekeeping tasks, laundry by hands for the bedsheets, towels and blankets, and lastly, bar tasks.

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Teaching English in Uttaradit, Thailand


First day of school after school break!

Not fond of kids and no experience to work with kids nor teaching but somehow, I ended up teaching English to kids in a private school based in Uttaradit for 2 weeks 1 month! Initially, I was intending to volunteer for just 2 weeks duration. School resumed on the 2nd week of my stay and I love the friendly rural small town, hence I extended my visa for another month of stay. Uttaradit is located at North Thailand and there’s no public transportation to get around the town. There are no tourists. It’s a pure authentic Thai experience. Continue reading “Teaching English in Uttaradit, Thailand”

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