Hitchhiking in Cameron Highlands (2D1N RM154)

Tell any Malaysians that you are hitch hiking in Malaysia, they would tell you that you are crazy.
I was traveling with a female couchsurfer and both of us don’t drive. We took a bus to Cameron Highlands and once we reached there, we realized that there’s no buses. We asked the locals and they told us to use the taxi (really really rare) or just use the tour packages. Well, we are both on a budget, so we decided to try hitch hiking and it worked great!

Estimated waiting time would be 3-10 mins for each ride in my experience.

We do not have the best itinerary for the 2D1N trip as we did not plan ahead of us. We were half way to Mossy Forest and we were lost (haha) and we went to a research center instead. We went to Sam Poh Temple, Butterfly Farm & Boh Plantation & Factory, just these places.
It’s still a great short trip away from the city.

If you are planning to go Mossy Forest, it’s best for you to get prepared and start early in the morning. As early as possible because the hike gonna take a day (7-10 hours if you are hiking to the top of Bukit Brinchang).

Here’s the cost breakdown if you are interested.
*MealsΒ are totally subjective to individual’s choices.

Cost per pax (transport + accommodation):
RM35 x 2 (bus ticket)
RM25 (1 night dorm)
= RM95

Cost per pax (overall):
RM35 x 2 (bus ticket)
RM25 (1 night dorm)
RM14 (Tea & cake at Boh Plantation)
RM30 (meals*)
RM7 (Butterfly farm)
RM8 (Strawberries)
= RM154

I do not recommend anyone to hitch hike unless it is required or at your own risk(s).


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