My Life in 2016

2016, aged 26 and feels like it’s a turning point for me in my life. I’ve met so many people and I’ve lost some people that I cared deeply. I’ve experienced so much more – the highs and the lows. Love and heartbreaks.

This is my story in 2016 in brief.


Short trip to Melaka

Visit Batu Caves during Thaipusam

Nominated as Vice President for Company’s Social Club


Chinese New Year celebration in Melaka

Went to Final Fantasy: A New World Orchestra

Went to Video Games Live 2016


Nini, my beloved hedgehog passed away.
Thank you for coming into my life when I was at my lowest.
I love you and I still miss you dearly.ย 


Went to Hat Yai + Songkla for my birthday
Thanks to Benziiz,ย Gale & Arjen for celebrating my birthday with me.
Of course, not to forget Shin, who has hosted me in Hat Yai.



A bad breakup

Trip to Taiwan (Kaohsiung, Green Island & Tainan)
Met a lot of wonderful people and truly grateful for all of the kindness offered.
Bowen, Ayaka, Qiqi and other amazing friends in Taiwan.

First island trip in my lifetime to Pulau Kapas
One day, I was feeling down and texted Arjen.
On the same day, we took a night bus to Terengganu and it was crazy fun!
Sorry that I made 3 of you (Arjen, Gerard & Lucas) slept on a queen’s sizedย bed for the night.


Gotten a new tattoo


Trip to Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Wakayama & Himeji)
I’ve met so many amazing people in Japan and all the little wonderful encounters.
Thank you for traveling with me and be part of my memories.
Thank you for hosting me and offering so much kindness to me.
There’s so much that I could talk about my Japan trip, let me know if you want to hear more ๐Ÿ™‚
Sorry that I could not name everyone here and you know who you are xx


Hosted Lara from Germany
And experiencing new things together in Kuala Lumpurย 


Went to Langkawi with Shah
Thank you, Syifa, for bringing us around!ย 

Attended calligraphy workshops

Learning how to make dreamcatcher with Esther

Company annual trip to Phuket, Thailand
Embarrassing moment at first meet-up with a couchsurfer friend.


Short trip down to Sekinchan with Ting Li

Gotten a tattoo during Halloween Flash Sale event

Tendered my resignation for traveling in 2017


Did some hiking trips with Mark

Received a customized corgi journal from Ejam
and delivering all the way to me, thank you!ย 


Celebrating Christmas Eve with bunch of some old friends
Fried chicken wings and board games!

Last month working in a corporate company
Thank you for all the parting gifts, how sweet of you to think of me ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Throughout the year, I’ve been through so many rough and painful moments. ย I’ve lost few friends, few people that I cared and loved, my pet and some parts of me.

In those painful times, there’s you that I’ve met and shared my happiness with.

There are few things that are really personal to me. I was truly scarred and probably still am. I’ve shed so much tears and during times like this, I realized that not everyone would care but it does make a difference when a few of them cared and listened.

I would like to thank each and of you that had stayed by my side during these times.

I am not able to talk about it now, perhaps in future, I will be able to tell the stories.

This year will be filled with greater challenges and obstacles.
In the same time, I believe that it would offer me greater experiences in life.

(comment below if you would like to read about my little travel encounters)

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