Getting Your China Visa in Malaysia

I have no experience in getting any visa by myself. First time for everything, I did few mistakes and here, I will tell you exactly on what you should prepare and go to get your China visa.

First off, download the form from here and fill in everything. You must fill in your personal information, including your family details. If you are unsure of your exact itinerary, just fill in the location(s) that you will go.

Other documents required: flight ticket/accommodation booking confirmation (printout), 1 copy of IC and 1 copy of passport (1st page of your passport with your details and signature) and 2 pieces of passport sized photos with white background. Don’t forget to bring your original passport! 

Question: What if you don’t have any flight ticket(s) or accommodation booking? 
If you know anyone in China, you could ask them to provide a letter of invitation which requires them to get a stamp from China’s police station for verification. For my case, I just booked an accommodation under hostelworld, you could do the same but make sure it is free cancellation.

After you prepared all these documents, go to this following location as early as you could. Queuing numbers will only be given out until 3PM only. You can take LRT to Ampang Park and walk over, it’s around 10 mins or less.

Address: Level 5, Hampshire Place Office, Jalan Mayang Sari, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business hours: Monday-Friday. Closed on Saturdays,Sundays and Public Holidays.
Submission of applications: 9:00 to 15:00.

You have to queue for the number, the staff will review your documents before giving you the number. They will not give it out to you IF you do not complete all the documents. You may print anything leftout at the center but it costs RM2 per page. As for passport size photo, you may get it done at Ampang Park Mall once you exited from the LRT station, it will cost around RM20 for 4 pieces of photos.

After you submitted all the documents, you will be given a receipt for visa and passport collection on the 4th working day. You can opt for express visa application, check fees here

For collection, go back to the same building but to Level 6 now. Take your number and wait for your turn. Payment has to be done upon collection.


You can only apply for China Visa if you are traveling within 3 months time from application date.For Malaysians, please apply your visa in Malaysia if you could because it is difficult to get it done if you are abroad as you need to provide a lot of documents, such as employment letter, payslips, etc. For foreigners (non-China citizen), application is done at the same location and method.


For more information, you may check the website.

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