Teaching English in Uttaradit, Thailand


First day of school after school break!

Not fond of kids and no experience to work with kids nor teaching but somehow, I ended up teaching English to kids in a private school based in Uttaradit for 2 weeks 1 month! Initially, I was intending to volunteer for just 2 weeks duration. School resumed on the 2nd week of my stay and I love the friendly rural small town, hence I extended my visa for another month of stay. Uttaradit is located at North Thailand and there’s no public transportation to get around the town. There are no tourists. It’s a pure authentic Thai experience.

For visa extension in Thailand, please prepare 1 copy of passport sized photo, passport and visa, immigration form which you’ve filled in upon arrival and 1,900 baht. ย 

In this post, I’ll talk about my first experience in teaching. I’ll do another post on Uttaradit separately.

I thought I would struggle much more during this volunteer work, which is why I only agreed on 2 weeks duration at the beginning. I don’t consider myself as a child-friendly person because I am a rather serious and quiet person. I used to hate dislike kids a lot because I think they are just too noisy and annoying, mainly because I do not know how to handle them.

10 years ago, my mum wanted me to be a teacher but I disagreed with her simply because I do not have the passion for teaching or for working with children.


I took an 8-9 hours train from Bangkok to Uttaradit, 302 baht. Peter picked me up from the station upon arrival and he told me that I had to share a room with a Canadian lady. A little twist here, we have to share a queen’s size bed. Luckily things worked out fine between us and she managed to convince me to stay another 2 weeks with her. On the next day, I met Sira, the school principal.

The first week of my stay fell on school break, hence I have the time to explore around the town with Elise – my roommate, on a motorbike.

So, the real deal started in the 2nd week! I was nervous, of course. Things worked out eventually and it doesn’tย seem that bad as I’ve expected. I was assigned to teach the Anubanย (kindergarten) kids with the other volunteers. I spent most of the time with the anuban kids until the last few days of my stay, I had the opportunity to teach Prathom (6-12 years old) and Matayom kids (13-15 years old).

I never regretted making this choice. It gave me such a wonderful exposure with teaching and working with children.
The heart-melting feeling when the toddlers would come to hug and kiss me in the class. The crying boy who stopped crying when I held his hand. The kids shouting “teacher, teacher!” when they saw us walking around the school. Their excitement to learn and to get your attention in the class. All those amazing people who I’ve met and allowed me to be part of their family.

I would love to come back to the school and Uttaradit one day. Thank you for everything!

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